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Make smarter decisions on every user and every page in realtime.

News:Check out our real-time learning demo and other demos

We are a research and development group in the field of machine learning. Our services focus on discovering and marketing scalable solutions to problems in web science.


Our products are APIs that anyone can and have used--from one-man armies to the largest companies. All APIs feature a common usage structure and are based on state-of-art solutions to existing problems.


   Free Corporate
Page API
Rate Limit
$ / request
 $ / request
 5 models
 $ / request
 $ / request
Consultation  No  Yes  Yes
In-Person Help
 No  No  Yes
 Support / Bug Fix
 Yes  Yes  Yes


APIs are great, but they are not sufficient to build a company. Unlike other API-providers, out focus is on building out the API rather than the service itself. However, we seek out clients to help us build better API products.